As business owners, we should know how to protect our assets to the best of our interests.

In this episode, Paul Rafelson, a tax attorney and executive director of Online Merchants Guild talk about the legal aspects in running and keeping E-commerce businesses afloat.

Here are more key points in today’s episode:

How the modern economy has outpaced the government and state laws

Expert insights about taxation and E-commerce laws

The revolutionary way Amazon created a portal to the global economy where sellers can compete against giant big-box retailers

And how you can join the fight against ignorance in today’s online marketplace and keep the window of opportunity open for everybody to succeed.

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You are listening to Awesomers Podcast.

Steve: This is Episode Three of the Awesomers Podcast, you can find show details and show notes by going to, again, that is to find the appropriate show links, notes and details that we discussed throughout the program.

Today, our special guest is Paul Rafelson, who is a tax attorney representing online merchants, and tax, and other business matters. Prior to advising online merchants, Paul spent over 12 years defending Fortune 100 companies in complex tax litigation matters, spending most of his career as in house counsel for the likes of Microsoft, Walmart and General Electric. Paul is also an adjunct professor at the Pace Law School where he teaches a state tax based constitutional law course, and he is the acting executive director of the new trade association for online merchants called the Online Merchants Guild. In my opinion, the Online Merchants Guild is a great new resource that will help each of us find legal advocacy and legal strategies as well as lobby through the association where we could combine our efforts. This can work really well and I am super excited about it. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this with a friend. It does not hurt to leave a review as well. We appreciate you guys sharing and getting the word out about the Awesomers Podcast. Thank you very much.

Welcome back to Awesomers, Steve Simonson coming to you again. We have a very special guest, Paul Rafelson and he is a well-known expert in the field of, not particularly tax, or sales tax, but he has been a legal guy for many many years. Welcome to the show, Paul.

Paul: Hey! Thank you so much. I am really glad to be here, thank you for having me.

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