Salomon teamed with 1000heads to launch their biggest ever rebrand and make Salomon synonymous with Play with a digital only campaign.

Audience and social insight gave birth to our central idea, the Salomon Time To Play remix, a recreation of their brand film. Using 1000s of pieces of UCG we put participation and advocacy at the heart of the campaign and encouraged fans to share their most playful moments on the TTP hub. With a focus on mobile first experiences, we were one of the first agencies to use Facebook’s new vertical video format, and maximised reach with feed friendly digestible social content.

Results were incredible. We got 56 million people talking about the Salomon brand. The UK saw a 18-point uplift in Facebook Ad recall and 20-point uplift in the US, against an industry standard 10.

The campaign successfully captured the imagination of our target audience – “Time to Play” was born and embedded for the next chapter in the Salomon story.

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