SmartWool built its reputation around socks. And while SmartWool has been making equally impressive baselayer garments for years, no one really knew about it. So SmartWool asked us to help tell the world they make more than just socks. We realized that unlike most outdoor gear that gains popularity in mountain culture via people checking out what logo you’re rocking, SmartWool baselayer is overlooked because it’s always covered up. So the challenge became clear. How do we get “badge credit” without having any badge? Our solution: “Strip to Your SmartWool.” An app-powered Facebook campaign that leverages SmartWool’s adventure-loving Facebook fans by asking them to strip down to their SmartWool baselayer the next time they celebrate an outdoor accomplishment. And while they’re stripping, take a pic to share on our app. If their photo gets a bunch of likes, they could be featured in SmartWool’s advertising—both in banners and print ads. The campaign has been featured on gear blogs, ad rags, and outdoor sites, scoring SmartWool baselayer the exposure it deserves.

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