AugustĀ“s work is defined by a very visual and emotional style with a cinematic pacing and strong art direction. Sometimes playing around with the contrast between gritty and perfection to create a strong tension. He also has a love for unnatural & dreamy elements while directing commercials, music videos and fashion film.

He has a multifaceted resume with a background in both film but also in visual communication and advertising were he has worked with numerous of big clients such as Adidas, Nike, Xbox and with Mario Testino fashion film. He has two years experience working in London for McCann and LBi and has been recognised in competitions such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest & D&AD. His mixed background gives him a lot of different tools when directing and enables him to have a great understanding and ability to work with clients. His experience as a child actor for SVT and German Television also gives him a strong tool for personal direction.

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