London College Communication MA Animation is pleased to present 8 new commissioned short animated ad made in collaboration with varied clients . The animators were invited to seek, pitch and create a short animation in collaboration with a chosen client.

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Title:client project1- 1+1=2
Client project 2- wardrobe of love

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Director:yuhan FU
Animator:yuhan FU
Music wenxi Duan:
Actor:yuhan Fu
Full credit List ( director, sound, music,dialogue list with time code, editor, actor, musician, collaborator, thanks, & LCC Logo)

Biography (50 words) An animator loves life and always get something fun by observing others.

Director statement max 250 words:
My client is wardrobe of love, it is one of China’s children’s fund, public welfare organizations, they called people to donate old clothes, in good condition or use the compassion funds buy new clothes for the children in the poor areas, send school bags, stationery and books, and pay attention to the healthy development of children in poverty-stricken areas.
The first project is one plus one equals two, this is the idea of love wardrobe, because the number one in Chinese pronunciation and clothes, to the pronunciation of the Numbers 2, like love, meaning is to send out the clothes also is to send warmth and love.
The second film is to show the working process of the compassion will accept clothes closet, meaning is the same, with clothes to bring love and care for the children.
The film is combine the paper-cut,stop-motion and hand drawing 2D animation.

Contact details
Name yuhan
Surname FU
Telephone number 07534279490

Social media
Instagram: fyh_freda

Technical info
Length :11s
Size: 1920×1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Formats Prores HQ & H264

Length :18s
Size: 1920×1080 HD 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Formats Prores HQ & H264

+ 3 still images as Jpeg 1920×1080
+3 Gifs 1920 x1080 (no longer than 5 seconds)
+1 Director Portrait

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