This is my commercial for Mars Marketing and a sample video to show business owners like you how you can get more customers with this new concept in advertising called video marketing. Here’s how i t works. Mars Marketing makes a video advertisement featuring your business. The video can have pictures, music, live video, voice over narration, and your company logo. Once you obtain the video you can do the following.

1. Upload it to social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, etc..,)

2. Email it to your family (No expiration, as often as you like)

3. Text it to your friends (No expiration, as often as you like)

4. Email to business contacts (No expiration, as often as you like)

5. Email to mailing list (No expiration, as often as you like)

You can use your “evergreen” video commercial to reach out to existing and potential customers over and over like television commercials. So let’s make your video and get your name in front of them and tell why your company is the best one to help solve their problems.

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