This spot is the version we entered into the “Crash The Super Bowl” Doritos ad contest. “Doritos Victory” :30 TV.

Having been defeated by an office colleague, Stanlee turns the tables with the help of a tasty snack. See him get his revenge with #DoritosVictory. Follow Stanlee’s lead and share your VICTORY MOMENTS…big or small.

Every once in a while we like to take a break to do a pet project. “Doritos Victory” was that project for us this year. As part of the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Ad Contest” Vidano Films, partnered with Bill Herebic, and Jerry Melchisedeck to create a Doritos TV spot that went far beyond the ad itself. In an effort to create a community following we invited people to share their own “victory moments”…big or small.

This truly was a community effort as all of the cast and crew came together to create a memorable experience, and a memorable spot.

Ex. Producers: Stephen Vidano, Bill Herebic, Jerry Melchisedeck
Story + Concept: Bill Herebic, Jerry Melchisedeck, Stephen Vidano
Writer: Stephen Vidano
Producer: Adrian Chynoweth
Director + Editor: Stephen Vidano
Director of Photography: Cory Reynolds
Art Director + Wardrobe: Elizabeth Webb Johnson
Makeup Artist: Jessica Chynoweth
Key Grip: Bret Wortley
Sound Mixer: Aaron DelGrosso
Sound Design: Luke Atencio | Blue Sweats Lab

Production: Vidano Films |
Equipment: RED Scarlet – 4K

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Viewed: 99

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